DIY Couples

We offer a bespoke print service to DIY couples who have designed their own invitations and are simply looking for a studio who understands their printing and envelope requirements.

With big stationery companies providing invitation printing, why choose us?

We've matched our pricing to Warehouse Stationery, one of the most accessible DIY print solutions in New Zealand, with the difference being we double check everything, we print to edges without leaving that undesirable white margin, we use quality printers specific to invitation printing/specialty printing, we print, cut and trim down to the size of your choice, we use invitation cardstock without you needing to do any research, we'll callibrate and optimise the colours and vibrancy before printing.

Read On:
• We’re a small, local business which means we won’t simply push your designs through a printer and send you on your way. Instead, we take the time to discuss your requirements with you first. We value our clients and get to know their story and their vision.

• There’s no room for errors! Some feedback we’ve received from DIY brides before they found us was that their invitations were printed with white margins that they had to manually sit and cut off which can take many many hours, the colour output wasn’t what they envisioned, or in the worst case, the paper choice didn’t reflect the look they were going for and they ended up having to start all over again (!). We do all the guesswork for you so there’s no surprises.

• No need to purchase extra tools such as guillotines or paper scoring tools to cut and assemble your invitations. (p.s. these little costs can really add up). We specialise in gatefold/booklet invitations and we love creating these. We can help you design your own, including the set up of your file, we carry out the printing and production, and you'll receive your invites with the deep lines already scored int your card ready for a gentle press-down into a fold.

• There’ll be very little left for you to do. Your invitations and additional detail cards will be cut by us to the size you choose. We can even assemble everything into envelopes for you if you would like to add this on.

• With over 70 envelope colours to choose from, we source colours to match your designs and provide you with options which are then dyed and made for you. If you choose white envelopes, we can add on envelope printing (guest addressing or artwork).

• We make the final touches easy! We source and provide the little embellishments for you, including but not limited to clear vellum wraps, printed vellum wraps, wax seal, belly bands, and pocketfold sleeves.

• Complimentary wedding stickers to seal the envelopes.

Interested? Send us an inquiry with an image (or images) of your card(s) - this doesn't have to be perfect, just enough to give us an idea, along with how many of each card you need printed, and the date you'd like to start distributing by for a quick quote.

Email Format Example:
100 x wedding cards, 
100 x reception cards, 50 x first pre-wedding cards, 20 x first pre-wedding cards, 100 x white envelopes (no printing)